Why Dubai is the Best Place To Visit

Dubai is a place in UAE which is wonderfully fantastic and joyful for all those who love traveling and tourism. Dubai is NO 1 among the best destinations for tourism. It offers golden dunes while Dubai desert safari, Hot spas, eaches, superb shopping malls, skyscrapers, world talent building, i.e., Burj khalifa, man-made island and what else do you need more?

Dubai is a complete pack of thrill, enjoyment, and fun for all those visitors who love traveling and want to know about the famous places to visit in Dubai. This article contains complete information about Dubai, its fame, and the must-visit places. If you are a true lover of traveling, spare a few minutes to read this article. You will be amazed by knowing how amazing this city is. 

The Best Places in Dubai

The following are the places that are well known and worth visiting.

Burj Khalifa: Visitors can see it from all over Dubai, as it is the tallest building on earth. You can go to its last floor and see the tiny world from your eyes. The building rises 828 meters above Dubai’s magnificent city and features 132 stories.

Burj Al Arab: Since it looks like a ship, it is considered an exquisite piece of architecture in Dubai. This hotel holds the highest ranking among the world’s best five-star hotels.

Palm Jumeirah: It is a unique island built by humans. In addition to swimming, camel riding, and shopping, families can enjoy other activities there. 

Dubai Museum: The Dubai fountain features a museum that teaches visitors about the city’s history. The Courtyard, Al Kalmah Houses, and Arish Houses are just some of the wonders you can see here. 

Dubai Mall: With over 1000 shops, it is one of the largest malls in downtown Dubai. Modern skyscrapers surround the mall with luxurious apartments on the top floors. You can visit this mall for shopping.

Sheikh Zayed Road: Dubai has many beautiful roads, but the main artery is one of the best. There are several impressive buildings and large shopping complexes on both sides of this road that draw tourists.

Jumeirah Mosque: Jumeirah is home to one of the best mosques in Dubai. The mosque’s beautiful architecture often draws tourists, and tourists are not required to get permission before taking pictures of this grand mosque.

Dubai Desert Safari: Dubai desert safari is a place you’ll never forget. You can enjoy a great bundle of activities like dune bashing, sliding over sand on the board, riding over a camel, horse and quad bike, etc. Dubai desert safari is a must-visit.

Reasons Behind Fame

There are various reasons to visit Dubai and to have quality time here. The following are some of them.

  • Many bars and clubs in Dubai are open late into the night, which makes the nightlife in Dubai world-renowned. Many visitors to the city hail from Russia, the Middle East, and India, and it is home to hundreds of nightclubs and bars in five-star hotels.
  • Markets and malls in Dubai are world-famous. The markets and malls in Dubai offer almost anything a person could desire, making shopping there one of the most popular activities. The Mall of Emirates is one of Dubai’s large shopping centers.
  • There are a variety of goods sold in the country, including electronics, traditional clothes, shoes, and more. So, people visit more Dubai.
  • Travel is also a big deal in Dubai since it boasts excellent infrastructure. You can move around the city by public transport or by private transportation. Furthermore, there are buses that run on a regular schedule throughout Dubai. Additionally, there are world-class airports with plenty of passengers per year, thus making this a very popular tourism destination.
  • Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle. So, people from all around the world visit here to spend their vacation.
  • Since Dubai is a mix of many different cultures, its culture is very diverse. A majority of the members are from Africa, South Asia, and Central Asia. Additionally, it also has a strong religious identity that is based on Islam.
  • In Dubai, there are various deserts, including the Hatta Mountain Desert, the White Desert, and the Empty Quarter. In addition to the Dubai desert safari, various excursions are available, such as quad biking, camel racing, and dune bashing. 

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