How to do Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brands must have an active text- or image-based trademark pending or registered. Your brand must have an active registered trademark in each country where you want to participate in Amazon Brand Registry or a pending trademark application filed through Amazon IP Accelerator. Brand Registry also accepts brands with pending trademark registrations in a limited number of trademark offices. Your brand’s trademark must be a text-based mark (word mark) or an image-based mark that includes words, characters, or numerals (design mark). Eligible trademarks can be classified in various ways depending on the issuing trademark office where they were registered.

It is essential to register for the Amazon Brand Registry.

The trademark owner must apply to the Brand Registry. Please have the trademark owner enroll the brand first, then add your account as an additional user if you are an authorized agent. Sign in with your current Seller or Vendor Central credentials to match the qualifying conditions. Brand Registry features and benefits associated with Vendor and Seller services can be accessed using the same username and password. Alternatively, if you don’t already have an Amazon account, you can sign up for one for free.

  • Enroll your business.
  • After you’ve signed up, you’ll need to register your brand.

You must submit the following information to enroll a brand

  1. Your active registered trademark for your brand name; your active registered trademark for your brand must appear on your items or packaging. Brand Registry also accepts brands with pending trademark registrations in a limited number of trademark offices.
  2. The number assigned by the Intellectual Property Office to trademark registration. If you’re enrolling with a trademark pending registration, you’ll need to supply an application number from the Intellectual Property Office.
  3. A list of product categories in which your brand should be listed.
  4. After you submit this information, we will verify that you are the trademark’s Rights Owner and connect you with a person who suits your needs. A verification code will be sent to this individual. You will need to send this code back to Amazon to complete the enrollment process.
  5. After we’ve validated your information, you’ll have full access to Amazon Brand Registry’s benefits and services, which will help you safeguard your brand.
  6. If you sell on Amazon, you may encounter counterfeit difficulties or circumstances where a third-party seller alters the content of your goods.
  7. Fortunately, the Amazon Brand Registry offers a series of tools that can assist merchants in avoiding these problems.

What is the Amazon Brand Registry?

The Amazon Brand Registry is a program that provides verified brand owners with expanded reporting capabilities and greater control over their brand across Amazon. In May 2017, Amazon announced a new and updated Brand Registry, which provides access to proprietary text and image search, predictive automation, and reporting tools to help brand owners defend their registered trademarks and provide an accurate and trustworthy experience for customers. The Amazon Seller Brand Registry now gives verified brand owners access to a sophisticated array of services and features that help them not only protect their intellectual property but also increase their brand visibility on Amazon and expand their business.

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