8 Common Problems with iPhone Hearing Aids and Their Solutions

This article shows some very common problems that every iPhone user must face at least once. The article also tries to propose the simplest solutions for each of these problems.

  1. Stuck in headphone mode

It is a common problem that almost all iPhone users have to deal with at least once. Apparently, iPhone cannot differentiate between normal mode and headphone mode once the headphones are disconnected due to a Software glitch which results in iPhone getting stuck in headphone mode or get your phone fixed from cell phone repair ventura. Using hearing aids other than the original ones that came with the iPhone can also cause this problem.


The solution to this problem is simple, take a cotton swab and insert it into the headphone jack and then remove it. Repeat the process 7 to 8 times and amazingly the iPhone won’t get stuck in headphone mode anymore.

  1. Dirty headphone jack

A dirty headphone jack results in many audio problems like the one we mentioned above. It could also disable the sound on your iPhone which can be very annoying. The audio function of the iPhone interrupted by dirt can be simply dusted or in some cases even a small piece of paper. The key to solving the problem, however, is to calm down. Most of us think that they have somehow ruined their iPhone and rush to the nearest repair shop while the problem can be solved from home in a few seconds.


Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose and place the hose on the opposite side of the iPhone audio jack. Turn it on and let it do the rest. However, if the type of dirt you’re dealing with is lint, use a toothpick to carefully scrape it off the audio jack.

  1. Headphone jack with internal moisture

Moisture can cause many problems with the audio jack depending on the amount of moisture. From rendering the audio jack virtually useless to simple failures in audio function, the damage varies from case to case.


Use a hair dryer to dry any moisture inside the headphone jack by placing the hair dryer on the opposite side of the headphone jack.

  1. Damaged headphone jack

A damaged headphone jack can be the result of using non-original headphones, while it can sometimes be due to a software problem. This problem can result in the inability to hear anything on the iPhone as well as the failure to hear sounds using the original headphones.


Plug and unplug your original headphones that came with iPhone multiple times. This will help the device differentiate between normal mode and hearing aid mode and will get out of the damaged hearing aid state.

  1. Volume problems due to headphone jack

Volume issues refer to the inability to hear any sound from the iPhone’s audio speakers. These are mostly caused by lint buildup from the pockets on the iPhone speakers. Some common symptoms of the problem include the inability to hear the clicking sound when the phone is unlocked and not being able to listen to music through the audio speakers, etc.


Fold the end of a paperclip and use it to scrape the lint from the inside of your iPhone’s speaker and audio jack. Use a flashlight to accurately detect lint and to make sure you don’t damage any other audio components in the process.

  1. Music cuts out when played with headphones on

This relatively common problem is caused by wearing non-Apple headphones. This is because non-iPhone earbuds generally don’t have the grip required by the headphone jack to fit snugly. This results in the music being interrupted which seems to improve after the headphone cable is shaken a bit, but the problem returns after a while.


The solution is very simple; do not use hearing aids that are not original. If for some reason the ones that came with your iPhone got damaged, buy a new one from an Apple store. Buy only headphones made by Apple for use with your iPhone.

  1. Siri is erroneously interrupted while headphones are connected

This is also a problem that comes from the use of non-Apple headphones that get loose in the headphone jack. In those cases, any movement causes Siri to appear and interrupt whatever you have been listening to through the headphones.


As explained above, iPhones tend to perform well with Apple-made headphones. So be sure to buy original Apple headphones in case you lose or damage the ones that came with your device.

  1. Sound is only coming out of one of the speakers

This can mean two things; or that the headphones you are using are damaged or that there is a considerable amount of dirt on your headphone jack. The latter causes the earphones to be loose inside the connector, thus resulting in only one side of the earphones being heard.


Examine the headphone jack for the type of dirt that is causing the problem using a flashlight. Then depending on the type of dirt such as dust, lint or paper use the corresponding steps mentioned above to get rid of them.

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